Website Links Counter

About this tool

We, at SEO Helpify, to help out bloggers, developers, and website owners to grow their online traffic through 50+ free online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools & utilities. In case you want to know how many hyperlinks are on a webpage and whether they are external or internal, we got you covered. The free online Links Counter will do all of it in one click. Simply enter the URL to the subjective webpage and press the big red button to begin. You'll be shown a simple table in a matter of seconds where the

  • Number of hyperlinks
  • Number of external links
  • Number of internal links

will be displayed.

What are external links

External hyperlinks, or simply links, describe the HTML a taga that refer to a different website. For example: Fiverr is the best service for consumer to consumer business. Here, Fiverr is another website different than ours and the hyperlink above refers to the external website hence it's an external hyperlink.

What are internal links

Hyperlinks that refer to the current website itself, irrespective of what page it's referring to, it'll be called an internal link as long as the domain is kept as a constant. For example: Check out our free online Plagiarism Checker tool that's excellent at detecting plagiaristic content across the globe. Here, the hyperlink refers to another page of our own website, hence, it's considered an internal link.

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