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This is an automatic plagiarism detector that will detect identical & existing content across billions of websites on the internet. To use this free plagiarism checker tool, copy and paste your content material within the field above and then click on the red button that announces and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.

Whether or not you understand it or not, plagiarism affects your reputation on the web on a large scale. It doesn't matter whether you are the content material creator or the content material consumer, plagiarism affects us all.

Why is stealing considered to be such a big crime? Simply because someone is taking advantage of your content or your property without giving you the credit or whatever you require. It's no breaking news that content on the web gets stolen the most often. But what about rewriting existing articles? Surely, there would be a large scale plagiarism detection by Google and such, how would you know if your new article, that you just wrote or copied, has plagiarism?

As a content material author, you should always consider using Free Online Plagiarism Detection tool by SEO Helpify to run tests on whether your new content will be by Google or not. This will help you with writing unique & pleasant content that neither consumers nor Search Engines have seen before.

Moreover, plagiarism is considered to be an act of dishonesty, mistreat, a breach of web ethics, and most certainly a crime.

If, in case of some serious bad luck, you fall for some copyrighted content and the owner issues a legal warrant, there would be some serious consequences. That's why you must always consider using our fast, accurate, & authentic free online to save time and headache for a better life.

What to do in case there's a lot of plagiarism?

First step, don't rush and don't panic, we're going to solve it in a manner of seconds. As the web expands, more and more content authors publish their content and it's quite common to find plagiaristic articles. Maybe, you found a good article that you want to copy but certainly don't want to publish common and identical content due to some reasons as stated above. The cure would be Article Rewriting/Paraphrasing using Article Rewriter by SEO Helpify. This tool will fix all your articles and remove plagiarism using synonyms and changing the flow of the sentences as it parses your article. Just copy your article and open the page, it's as easy to use and understand as other Free SEO Tools by SEO Helpify.