Backlinks Checker

About this tool

Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool by SEO Helpify is, not the best in business, but the best in shorthand performance. I mean, we just want to know how many websites are referring to our site, what's interesting in knowing which domains are they hosted on? The Free SEO tool tells you exactly how many websites have backlinks to your site. Or, how many web applications are referring to your domain. Now, there is a question in your mind, what if a website has multiple backlinks for your site, well, the answer is as simple as one website equals one backlink in our tool.

My backlinks are very less or non-existent.

So you've tested the backlinks, now there can only be two possibilities, either you have some backlinks or you don't.

  1. In case you don't have any backlinks at all, don't panic, we got you covered. We, at SEO Helpify, to help professionals and amateurs alike. That's why we've developed another Free Online tool, known as Backlink Maker. Using this tool will set you up for initial backlinks to put you on the road to success.

  2. In case you have some backlinks, but not much, let's assume they're less than 100, no Free Backlink Maker tool will help you anymore. All of those tools have some domains where they request the generation of your site's backlink, but nothing more than that. Now you need to work yourself on how to have quality backlinks in an appreciable number. This Guide by backlinko is the perfect guide for this.